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  1. The amount is pre-selected as the price of the Mom Gift Box.
  2. Enter the email address(es) of the recipient(s). If there is more than one, separate the email addresses with a comma. Enter and check the email addresses carefully, to make sure your Mom Gift Box Gift Card will arrive.
  3. Enter your name, however you wish it to appear on the Mom Gift Box Gift Card.
  4. Add a message for your recipient(s)
  5. Click on the delivery date, and a calendar will popup; choose the date by clicking on it.
  6. Enter the number of PetBox Gift Cards you wish to send in the ‘Quantity’. This should usually be the same as the number of email addresses you entered in step 2.
  7. Click ‘Add to Cart’, and you will then be able to complete your Mom Gift Box Gift Card purchase!

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