Customer Service

All About TheGiftBox

What Are Our Hours of Operation?

We are available during normal business hours Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST. Any questions sent to our team on weekends or holidays will be answered the next immediate business day. While we strive to answer your questions as quickly as possible, please allow our team 24 hours to get back to you

Can I get a free box?

If you have a pet blog, and you and your pet would like to give us a review, we’ll be happy to ship you a box.

Please send us an email at — just make sure you include a link to your blog and tell us a little about yourself. We’ll get a box out to you right away. Thanks!

When will I be billed for my subscription?

You will be billed for your first box as soon as you make your first purchase.

Then, after your initial purchase, billing will be on the 1st of each month.

Do you let me know what’s in the box prior to shipping?

NO SILLY GOOSE! That would ruin the surprise!

What’s in the box?

Only the BEST for your BFF (Best Furry Friend) . . .

Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-6 treats, toys, and other great products that have been hand picked for your pet!

Our devoted team searches high and low for the best manufacturers to bring you the highest quality products.

Pre-Signup Questions?

How do I sign up for a monthly box?

Thanks for asking . . . it’s easy!

Go to

Select the box the most interests you.

Can I gift a box?

Sure! It’s easy!

Just go to:

Choose a box you would like to gift. You then can choose to gift a one time box or subscription.

If you do not know the recipients shipping address or you would prefer they manage the gift details from their own account, then we recommend using a gift card.

Is my personal information secure?


Our site is secure through COMODO SSL, the world’s most trusted site security company. You can learn more about them here:
Technical Info: The connection to our site is encrypted and authenticated using a strong protocol (TLS 1.2), a strong key exchange (ECDHE_ECDSA), and a strong cipher (AES_128_GCM).

And, as an extra precaution, we do not save your credit card information on our local server. We use Stripe and PayPal to handle sensitive data:

When will I get my box?

Your first box will ship within two weeks of your order.

Future boxes will ship each month in coordination with the Month’s holiday theme.

We’ll send tracking information to you via email once your box has shipped.

Please note that delivery may take up to 10 business days. Please give all tracking codes at least 48 hours to begin working. If you have a tracking code, then your package has shipped and you will receive it. Awesome! The frequency of tracking updates does depend on the shipping carrier, so please hold tight if your tracking has gone a few days without an update. Tracking may go up to 4 days without an update, and will then be directed for a successful delivery. If you’ve not received your box within 15 days of this email, please contact support.

Once you get the box, please tell us what you think of your goodies! Enjoy your monthly gift and don’t forget to share your feedback and photos on our social media pages!

Are there any shipping fees?

NOPE! Shipping is 100 % free, we’ve got you covered 🙂

Do you let me know what’s in the box prior to shipping?

NO SILLY GOOSE! That would ruin the surprise!

Current Members?

Can I sign up for another box?

Sure you can!

Explore our other boxes by visiting to find the perfect box for you. Add it to your cart and checkout. Simple as that.

You can sign up for as many boxes as you would like.

How do I edit my credit card info?

Log into your Account

On the left menu click “Payment Options”.

Select the active subscription you would like to update the billing information for. You will then be brought to checkout form where you can enter you new payment option.

When done, return to to view your updates.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We would hate to see you go, but you can cancel your subscription at any time.

  • Log into your Account
  • Click Subscriptions in left menu.
  • Click the subscription in question.
  • Please let us know why you’re canceling, and then click Confirm

And, if you don’t really want to cancel, you can simply pause your subscription on the same page.

Also, we now offer the ability to swap your subscription. So if you are not in the mood for a pet box, you can get a Sweets or Vacation or Tackle Gift Box or any other subscription in our growing family of fun boxes.

How do I update my shipping information?

Log into your Account

On the left menu click “Addresses”. Here you can edit your information and it will update for all active subscriptions

If you wish to update a specific subscription but not the others, then on left menu go to “Subscriptions”. Select the active subscription you would like to update the shipping information for. On the details page you will see “Change Address” button.