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Room Collection 2.0

Room Collection 2.0 by A Cat Thing

Cats are always looking for someplace new to explore or a new hiding spot to play in. They enjoy small quarters because it makes them feel safe and secure. A Cat Thing has read your mind and created Room Collection 2.0, which consists of connectable boxes that create an 100% recyclable cat house. The boxes allow you to put together a dynamic cat playground with endless combinations that you and your cat will both love. The mini-building will make your cats happy without ruining the interior of your home. Unlike a typical cat tree, the Room Collection requires no tools for building and can be easily cleaned. The Room Collection will definitely be an asset to your home, rather than an eye sore.

We don’t need to understand why cats love hiding so much, but thank you to A Cat Thing we don’t have to! Sign up to get more information on your cats new home: