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It’s Time to Get Into the Halloween Spirit!

Halloween (and pumpkins, of course) certainly defines October. It is the perfect excuse to dress up, eat candy, and feel like a little kid again! The only way to make this holiday better is to include your pet. Here are five of our favorite pet friendly costumes

1. Superhero

This costume is super easy for both you and your pet! You and your pet can either match as your favorite superhero or you can decide to take the superhero and sidekick path. The sky’s the limit.

2. Princess

For your female pets, a princess is an adorable option. A pet friendly dress will certainly make your pet feel like royalty. If you are lucky, maybe you can even get your pet to wear a crown!

3. Policeman

A police costume can be rather ironic. Rather than dressing up as your human police counterpart, make your pet the one in charge of stopping crime. Get creative as you dress up as your pet.

4. Athlete

Your pet totally completes your family team, so dressing up as an athlete is a great way to show this. Each family member can be a different player on your favorite sports team – pet included of course!

5. Cowboy/Cowgirl

Yee haw! If y’all want to get into the country spirit, dressing up as a cowboy or cowgirl will certainly make you feel like you are in the South. Tie a bandana around your pets collar, hope he or she will wear a hat, and you are all set for the rodeo.


However you choose to celebrate Halloween this year, make sure you include your furry family member! Just think about how much more candy you will get when you trick or treat if your pet is in costume too.