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Fourth of July Dog Safety

Fourth of July Dog Safety

Fourth of July is arguably the best summer holiday. Friends, family, food – what else could you ask for?! We know how easy it is to get caught up in the fun of America’s birthday, so we are here to remind you of four simple ways to keep your pet safe this Wednesday.

  1. Fireworks

Fireworks are definitely the trademark of July 4th. And, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want an entire country putting on a show for your birthday? Although we all love fireworks, like our younger human children, our pets may be frightened by the loud sounds. If you leave your pet home while attending a firework show,keep music or TV playing for him or her. This way the sound of the fireworks will not be as startling. Sometimes it is inevitable to be outside with your pet during a firework show. We recommend keeping your pet on a leash with an identification tag so if he or she runs away out of fear, you’ll be able to find your pet quickly and easily. Our advice is to leave your pet home and enjoy the show without worrying about your pet.

       2. BBQs

Barbeques are the most pet friendly meal, but not just because it’s likely a hamburger falls off the grill. BBQs allow family and friends to enjoy a meal together outside with all of America’s favorite foods. Pets that aren’t used to the BBQ will be drawn to the smell of the meat on the grill, which may result in a type of hot dog you do not want to have. While the grill is turned on, make sure your eyes are on your pet and your pet is away from the flames. You can even give them a treat while the grill is on to keep them distracted and happy.

     3. Heat

The July heat is no joke. With high temperatures, most of us are just concerned about keeping our bodies cool. Your pet cannot get him or herself water or turn up the air conditioning, so as pet owners, we have to be more attentive to our pets during this month. Always make sure your dog has water in his or her bowl, and it is a good idea to bring an extra water bottle on your family activities. Dogs love ice cubes, so while you are enjoying fresh watermelon give your dog an ice cube; he or she will stay cool and hydrated!

  1. The Aftermath

After entertaining, we spend most of the time making sure the kitchen is clean, but often forget about our backyard. Once all the festivities end, make sure to check your yard for garbage. It is possible that firework debris is lying around, and it is definitely likely that someone dropped a popsicle stick. If you don’t check your yard, your garbage may end up in your pet’s mouth.

These four simple safety tips will help you ensure that your Independence Day celebration is memorable in the best way possible! Just a little caution can go a long way. We hope you and your pets have a great July 4th!