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Dog Friendly Exploding Cake

Dog Friendly Exploding Cake

It’s no secret that the Exploding Sprinkle Cake is all the rage this summer. Just because your dog cannot eat it, doesn’t mean he or she needs to miss out on the trendy cake craze. This Exploding Dog Friendly Cake will keep your dog hydrated and happy all summer long!


  • Cake pan
  • Water
  • Your dog’s favorite toys and treats
  • Chicken broth (optional)


Making this cake could not be easier, and may even get your creative juices flowing! First, gather your dog’s favorite treats. We love to use chew toys, the Kong with peanut butter, Milk Bones, and other small treats. Once you gather your treats, fill up the cake pan with water and chicken broth (optional) about two thirds of the way. Next, you throw in your dog’s favorite treats, but be careful and make sure the water doesn’t spill out of the cake pan. Finally, stick your liquid surprise-filled cake into the freezer for a few hours. The freeze time will vary based on the size of your pan.

After a few hours, your Exploding Dog Friendly Cake will be ready! Make sure to give your dog the cake outside because the last thing you want is water and treats all around your kitchen floor. This cake will keep your dog occupied for hours as he or she eagerly will be licking the cake in hopes of finding his or her favorite toy. This easy cake recipe may not be as aesthetic as the Exploding Sprinkle Cake, but we think it is the next best option!